A quick trip to Dublin at the end of October for the International Water Association’s Diffuse Pollution and Catchment Management Conference was a welcome respite to lab work and looking at E.coli genomes! A conference is always a great place to re energize and remember why you are in research and this was no different. There were some fantastic plenary speakers and interesting presentations covering a wide range of topics.

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Over the 4 days I managed to attend a workshop on Diffuse Pollution: Land Use & Water Quality, a tour to see one of the catchments in the Agricultural Catchments Programme , see numerous inspiring talks and give my own presentation. As well as take a quick tour of Dublin and the Guinness brewery!

Although the visit was brief, Dublin is a great city and the take home message from the conference is an important one:

We need to take diffuse pollution seriously. A vast array of factors contribute to the increasing diffuse pollution problem: Decreases in soil quality, increases in storm events, intensification of agriculture and aging and increasingly faulty sewerage systems to name just a few. But luckily there are some dedicated researchers around the globe working on these problems.