I have spent the last 2 months writing up some data and while twitter is my procrastination nectar, there are some brilliant people who bring some inspiration, fun and perspective to your science writing. I have a few accounts that I really enjoy and seek out when I want to make my procrastination feel at least a little productive.

For a 2 min lapse in concentration:

@AcademicsSay – Witty, sharp cutting humour. It won’t make your procrastination productive, but the 20 seconds spent reading these tweets brings a bit of light to the academic day, so you can get back to being productive more quickly.

@AstroKatie – Just good tweets from a science lover, all you need to know.


A 5 minute inspiration boost:

@drmikeographer – It is impossible not to get swept up in Dr Mike’s love of science, check out the huge range of podcasts on his sight for the bus ride home.

@PhDForum – A must follow and first stop account for any PhD student. A wide range of topics are tweeted, with re-tweets from many motivated and struggling students, scientists and scicommers.

@FromPhDtoLife – Jennifer ‘Coaches grad students & PhDs to help them work better, explore careers, get jobs…’. See also has a range of blog posts and articles to make your procrastination useful!


The 10-15 minute coffee break:

@WriteThatPhD – Does exactly what is says on the tin. Sometimes skimming through snippets of advice is exactly what you need to make progress with your writing!

@PhD2Published – Tweet links to great blog posts on pretty much anything that can be published. Great for a 15 minute coffee break!


The 20 minute end of the day contemplation:

@explorstyle – Read Rachael Cayley’s blog before, during and when you think you’re finished writing. This is probably one of the best blogs covering the nitty gritty of academic writing, it is well worth a look.

@ConversationUK – If you want an endless supply of interesting articles, The Conversation is the place to start. Why not turn some of your research into an article? That would be productive procrastination.


Feature image from freeimages.co.uk